To Catch the Wind

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

“Lean into the wind...”

Since the time I was a small girl I have loved the wind. There are the memories of hearing the whistle and moan of it as it whipped through the night around our house was always comforting to me. A couple places where we lived it could often be associated with other powerful and beautiful displays of awesome power; that jagged sizzle of lightning and the booming echoes of thunder.

I would find myself entranced with such vibrant dashes of nature and the One who created them. No, don't worry, I'm not going to start talking religion here; but it is part of what intrigued me and still does to this day.

As an adult I have lived a good part of it in the country. Here on the Oregon coast we are known for our conifer trees; hemlock, fir and spruce. We also can get some wild winds in the winter and I have often been outside to watch as the frenzy of the wind bends the trees and whips them all over to its own liking. To feel the force of the wind upon me makes me close my eyes to imagine where it has been and where it is yet to go. I envy its freedom and the lack of restraints to be where it wants to be and see what it wants to see.

My first book series has the subtitle The NW Wind Series. And each title will have the word "wind" in it. I hope that you enjoy my series and give me feedback either on here or on Amazon in the form of reviews. Please enjoy the poems about wind that I will occasionally post. I also hope that you have many opportunities to enjoy the wind upon your face whether it be the warm and gentle tradewinds or the stormy frenzy of one of our NW storms. May the wind always be at your back and your side.

How can I describe the wind

As it blows warm across my face

It's gentle caress upon a cheek

Disappearing without a trace

To catch the wind is possible naught

A wasted time for thee

As it howls up through the valley

To make trees bend their knee

It sends the fall leaves dancing

In a wild and frenzied way

I want to dance within the wind

I've oft been heard to say

A spoken word soft yet firm

It's roughened arms reach out

To take a whisper in the wind

And twist it all about

How can I describe its vanishing act

As the icy blast gains speed

For some they dread it's haughty cold

Yet for me the wind is need

I envy its free and boundless joy

As I see it's path beyond

A blazing kiss within the wind

As it whistles it's restless song

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