Determination and Trepidation

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

“Take the road less traveled by...”

Now there are a couple of words for you! And boy oh boy could we go on about both for some time couldn't we? But, it's interesting how at times we have both when working towards a goal. We can be determined to make something work with a lot of hard work and maybe a lot of sweat mixed in there, too.

Quite often though, in determining the goal we also end up with trepidation on HOW to reach said goal. I think we are all guilty of wanting something instantaneously. Uh, yeah, that rarely works out well. That's when another big word comes into play...complication! When we try to do everything at once we are probably going to complicate things. Oh no! Here it comes.....wait for it....frustration!

With becoming an author I can say with experience how these 'tion' words work because, yep, that's exactly the approach I took with becoming a first time author. Total inexperience, but with the feeling that my book was somehow magically, mysteriously going to fly itself into every home in the known country and hopefully, beyond with very little help from me. OMGoodness...rude awakening there Charli, ol' gal!. That's not how it worked at all. Let's suffice to say for now that I'm still learning this enormous learning curve. But, I'm slowly stumbling my way through the trepidation of dealing with technology...btw--I HATE having to actually DO technology. I only like it when it comes to me, opens itself up to exactly what I want and when I want. HA! Problem with that one...!! LOL!!! Like the GIF below I, at times, have felt like I was beating my head against the wall! Actually, what I really wanted to do is beat the computer or ipad against the wall. Hhehehehehe... that would have been way more satisfying, well at least temporarily LOL!!!

Next blog I'll tell you a little bit about determination. I think this is a pretty good start since I once told a friend that there was NO WAY I was ever going to blog! Just look at me now, would ya?!

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