Updated: Sep 11, 2020

“A river cuts through rocks because of its persistence.”

So my last blog was primarily about trepidation and frustration. But, it's amazing what a little bit of determination can do also with encouragement and technical help from a friend and even hired!

I was determined to have my first book published for anyone out there to enjoy. Well, ok, I was actually hoping that some people actually fell in love with my characters and the series and couldn't wait to tell their friends and family, maybe even the rest of the known civilization. Hey, if you're gonna have a dream make it a big one, right!? So, with help and constant baby steps I forged ahead and voila! it got published! Now I do have to admit that there were some things I wish I would have watched a little closer on Instagram and maybe FB, which btw I do not have at this time, to determine the best way to build anticipation and excitement for a book release. For anyone who is wanting to release a book, do your homework about building excitement. There are some amazingly good examples online for doing that. One that comes to mind is Shannon Davis. She did an excellent job of making everyone just about giddy for her debut novel, Worth the Risk. It was a lesson learned on how I would do WAY BETTER from now on with any books I release.

So, to sum it all up in a neat little package, although personally I believe that messy gets the point across more succinctly even if maddening at the time, DO YOUR RESEARCH and do it well! Dig deep, know details and most of all be DETERMINED!

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