Updated: Sep 11, 2020

“Let your dreams be your wings.”

Wait! What? You thought the name of the book is To Catch the Wind. Yes, yes it is. But when this book was finally finished and edited and uploaded and live on Amazon....whew! had turned into a dream that was finally caught. I had started this story about 20 years ago. But life happens. I was, am still, a wife. I was a Mom of three children who were (and still are) my life’s most precious possessions. Their needs and wants were at the top of my priority list along with my husband’s. I found an immense amount of satisfaction knowing that I did my best to give our kids the best possible start in life. And my husband and I are still together, happily, 37 years.

I also worked part time here and there. Jobs were cleaning vacation rentals and private homes mostly until I went to work at Safeway, a grocery chain on the western side of the US, as a cake decorator. That was a FUN job. Well most of the time. It was also a high stress job and when I needed to start caregiving for my Mom who had Alzheimer’s which was also stressful, one of them had to go. My Mom was more important. Thus started 10 years of caregiving. In between all of these things I would dabble here and there with this story. It progressed and then would digress as I would furiously delete as a better idea came along with a character, the plot, a setting etc.

A friend, who would often read whatever progress I made occasionally, kept at me to finish. She REALLY wanted to see how this was going to end. Ha! Uh, yeah! So did I! LOL! So finally, after 20 years, I caught that dream. I hope that you enjoy my dream as much as I do. Moral of the story: some dreams take awhile. But don’t give up! Even if it takes you 20 years…

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